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Car towing

Everyone who is a lot behind the steering wheel, you know how embarrassing it is if you stay on the road because of a breakdown ...

Car service

On vehicles we perform regular service inspections, diagnostics, all major and minor mechanical repairs for all brands of vehicles.

At the workshop we use modern and reliable devices for assembly and centering of tires.

Rent a car

We also offer our valued customers the possibility of renting a car...

CAR TOWING PAJR offers you towing, vulcanization and car service, ... in the Coastal-Karst region of Slovenia. We take care of your veichle with pleasure and professionalism. As we would like to meet your wishes as soon as possible, we are available on our number +386 51 460 664, where you can order your vehicle for service, repair, tire centering or call us for help in transporting your vehicle without unnecessary waiting. We are aware that your time is precious, so in our company we offer you everything for your car in one place.


20201201 151554So we also offer you:

- Service of cars and trucks
- Oil and filter change
- Tire services
- Battery replacement
- Service of brake systems
- Replacement of windows, lights and wipers
- Maintenance of exhaust systems
- Air conditioning service
- Chassis and car optics service
- Autoelectrics diagnostics
- Car rental
- Towing
- Car painting


We know how to listen to your wishes and needs. We are aware that the quality of work and your satisfaction are in the first place, which is taken care of by all employees in the company. Contact us or give us a call for more information. We are already looking forward to working with you! We are aware! Be aware that for you and for your money, the most important thing is the quality of materials and quality service. We offer this to you with us and so we can assure you with confidence that these are just two more important reasons why your decision to choose us will be even faster.

Meet our new service center in Sežana (ASC PAJR service).
Good towing is characterized by a quick response at any time of the day. And of course reliability. This is exactly what we need if our car suddenly breaks down in the middle of the road. At Avtovleka Pajer, they have it all - and kindness.

Sign up for service! 24h tow truck

To register for the service, please call us on +386 51 460 664 or sign up online. We'll be happy to help!

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We are a car towing company,
tires and car repair, in the field
coastal and karst regions. More about...


Phone Car Service: +386 08 200 30 79
Car towing: +386 51 460 664


Address: Avto storitveni center PAJR d.o.o.
Cesta na lenivec 32, Sežana, Slovenia EU

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